"Typonauta Journal, Exploring Form As a Content".

Welcome on board the Typonauta Project, a journal about typographic encounters in the ether.

Exploring cutting edge typography from the past and future, where the the abstraction of the content meets the form of the letter, where the form becomes the content.

Enjoy your journey.
Jack Crossing  puts the the word Virus under the microscope of his creativity and give visual interpretation that contains the very organic feeling of it.
Really works checking his work out folks.
In nowdays society, a good ass pays often more than a degree.

Unknown Artist
This “binary” set of posters in his simplicity actually encompasses a big deal of visual perception rules.
Life emerges from dark in an uplifting feeling of lightness and joy brought in with the association of butterflies flight.
Light sinks into death, in a feeling of organic decomposition expressed by  bugs leaving the rotting body of the word itself.
Form meets the content with brilliant results.
My compliments for this simple ad powerful work to Scott Malcolm
Wonderfully flowing typography from the big guys of Sawdust.
Colourful letters with a delicate 3d feeling and no messing with legibility.
Everything fall into place with this.
Interesting visual oxymoron
{ no info about the author I’m afraid }
Content nested into the form with elegant simplicity.
From Krakow with Style: Wallstreet
One for the Ladies from the pluri-featured Chris Labrooy.
London based studio Rizon created an unofficial Logo for the London 2012 Olympics to sidestep the strict marketing rules that prevent them to publicise their involvement in the Event.
The Logo is a brilliant visual metaphor that sums up what the real behind the scenes of the event was.
Money ruled, marketing imposed, showbiz flavoured colossal event orchestrated from London “guys in suits” to make sure London 2012 was an event moving both to tears and  £s.
Piece called “I kill my Sneakers at Night” by Robert Hellmundt
Awesomely simple hand made lace-based calligraphy.
Sneakers keep inspiring generations
Reflecting Pampering among Pets.
Yes, disgusting habits that some silly rich people have of giving their pets Kinglike lives has been explored in a Tv show produced by Channel Uk.
Personal Project FabioBondi.com